Newcastle City Council

Newcastle is a city with a population of 300,000, located within the Tyne and Wear city-region which has a population of 1.1 million. The City Region contains two major ports, the first modern light rail system in the UK and the second largest airport in the North of England. Newcastle represents the major employment, cultural and retail centre for the North East of England covering a large geographical area with a population of 2.9 million. Newcastle's vision is to be in the top 10 greenest, healthiest and most accessible cities in Northern Europe and to place transport and innovation at the forefront of its efforts. The following topics are of most interest:

  • Improving Air Quality is the number one priority on the political agenda
  • Encouraging more walking and cycling and at the same time encouraging the travelling public to choose smarter choices
  • Urban Traffic Management and Control. Integral to this is the deployment of Intelligent Transport Systems and Services including Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems
  • Mobility as a Service(MaaS)
  • Easing pinch points and addressing collision hotspots
  • Sustainable growth and housing development

Newcastle is/was involved in the EU projects: EMPOWER, Compass 4D, C-Mobile and Go Ultra Low North East.

Newcastle has published the following documents:

Modal Split