Kadikoy is a district on the Anatolian Side of Istanbul, surrounded by Marmara Sea to the west and south. It is home to around half a million inhabitants, with a multicultural population of Turkish, Armenian, Greek and Jewish residents.

It hosts a range of public transport systems such as ferry, bus, high-speed railway, subway access. Indeed, the centre of Kadıköy today is the transportation hub for people commuting between the Asian side of the city and the European side across the Bosphorus.

Vehicle density has been rapidly increasing in İstanbul, especially in the past few years, so the municipality is focusing intently on creating feasible alternatives to the private combustion vehicle.  Mobility experts in the municipality have been been planning Kadikoy's SUMP and SULP in the past few years, bolstered by the projects they follow.

Kadikoy are involved in a range of mobility projects including, FastTrack, SUMP-PLUS, SHOW, DREEM and uLaaDs

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