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Site Visits at 2017 Polis Conference

Choose your site visit!

Site visits take place on Thursday, 7 December 2017 from 14.15h until approx. 17.00h. Conference delegates can choose to register for a site visit during the registration process:


UPS® is a global leader in logistics, offering a broad range of solutions including the transportation of packages and freight, the facilitation of international trade, and the deployment of advanced technology to more efficiently manage the world of business.

During this tour, guided by the UPS local managers, you will visit the UPS Brussels depot and you will learn more about sustainable urban consolidation discussing with UPS representatives, the University of Brussels, the Chamber of Commerce, and city delegates.


In spring 2017, Ghent introduced its much talked about circulation plan, banning through-traffic within the inner city. A number of ‘cuts’ were introduced to this end. This site visit consists of a cycling tour leaving from the Ghent St-Pieters station and leading participants through the inner city. Points of interest include the city’s cycling infrastructure, parking management for cars and bikes, and the aforementioned circulation plan, also covering technical applications such as ANPR cameras, SMS parking, bike poles, and traffic guidance systems.

Participants will take the train to Ghent from the Brussels South (Midi) station (30 min train ride). In case of bad weather, the cycling tour will be replaced by a walking tour. Duration of bike tour: approx. 2h30min.

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Brussels is a city with 700.000 cars in motion in peak traffic and 265.000 on-street parking spaces. Cycle traffic has risen every year since 2008 and so has the demand for secure bike parking facilities. Parking management in Brussels is a continuous challenge. The regional parking agency wants to improve mobility through smooth parking practices for residents, professionals and visitors. This site visit will take us to the agency’s headquarters where in depth insight in the Brussels parking management approach will be provided. On our way to the parking agency, we will look at interesting parking practices.

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Train World is a railway museum which makes you discover the railway world of yesterday, today and ptomorrow. It combines the fascinating story of the train throughout the centuries with a look into the future. Train World shows beautiful and unique pieces from the history of the Belgian railways and illustrates the important role of the train in mobility.

The site visit consists of a 2-hour guided tour in English which will take you along the major works of the museum. Participants will go to Train World by train from the Brussels South (Midi) station.






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