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EPA-Polis public parking working group meeting

Polis-EPA public parking working group meeting

14 March 2016 - Polis office, Brussels

Given the importance that parking has gained within Polis over the last few years, Polis has established a parking working group - in close cooperation with the European Parking Association. This group will be chaired by Nick Lester-Davis from London Councils, who's also the former chairman of the European Parking Association.

Polis and the European Parking Association invite you to the kick-off meeting of this joint working group on public parking policy.

The purpose of the meeting is to discuss the terms of reference of the Polis study on use of parking data, to be informed about issues that play within EPA and to hear about best practice of our members and from the parking industry.

Speakers currently confirmed: Brussels Parking Agency (BE), Spark (NL), and PLUSERVICE (IT).

The Polis-EPA public parking working group will tackle in 2016 the issue of parking data. The parking sector is progressively digitised. Permits, payments, and enforcement are managed in a digital environment. New digital service providers enter the market to broker between offer and demand. All this activity generates substantial amounts of data. This data is currently un- or under-used. Urban parking professionals also don't see direct progress materialise with regards to unlocking the potential of this data.