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Urban Freight Working Group

The Urban Freight Working Group was recently created at the request of Polis members. It held its first meeting at the end of 2015 and meets twice a year. The working group is currently chaired by Richard van der Wulp from the city of Rotterdam, currently president of Polis. The last meeting took place in Brussels on 22 May. The next meeting will take place in the autumn (the date remains to be defined).


Objectives and Approach

The objectives of the working group are mainly to

  • Exchange on strategies, best practices, needs and challenges in the urban freight area
  • Lobby toward the EU institutions and discuss ways to engage with the industry partners
  • Learn about EU funding opportunities

The group works on specific topics for which Polis members have expressed interest. The level of exchange is thus achieved both at the strategic level on specific themes and at the technical level (exchange of concrete good practices, etc.). The working group is therefore not intended to develop guidelines or recommendations.

Information on meetings and activities: see Working Group page.


Member Services

As part of the Urban Freight Working Group, Polis has developed several databases and tools to facilitate the exchange of experiences. These documents include:

  • Declaration of Intent: the Declaration of Intent - initiated by cities in the FREVUE project – aims at collecting as many signatures as possible to show the industry that a hidden demand for Freight Electric Vehicles (FEVs) exists.
  • Cities & Regions Database: overview of cities and regions active on urban freight and measures in place, areas of expertise, involvement in European projects, etc. Download (login required).
  • UF projects Database: overview of urban freight projects and indication of the topic, opportunities for participation and key "deliverables". Download (login required).
  • “Hot topics” list: At each working group meeting, Polis collects the topics on which members work or would like to obtain more information. This makes it possible to orient Polis' activities and prepare the next actions of the working group. Download (login required).


European Projects

Polis and its members are currently involved in the following European projects:

  • FREVUE. Members involved: London, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Milan, Madrid (full partners), Pisa (follower)
  • NOVELOG. Members involved: Barcelona, Rome, Pisa, Göteborg
  • BuyZET. Members involved: Rotterdam, Bruxelles, Southampton (full partners), Jerusalem, Manchester (observers), Budapest (interest group).
  • CITYLAB. Members involved: Paris, Rome, London, Brussels, Rotterdam, Southampton (full partners), Budapest, Flanders, Madrid, Manchester, Pisa, Prague, Rogaland (transfer cities).