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Urban Freight Delivery and City Logistics

Commercial vehicle movements are necessary to enable goods to be delivered and services to be provided. However, these movements are not without negative impact in terms of emissions, noise and traffic (due to frequent stop-starts, use of unsuitable roads, inappropriate deliveries).

To reduce the impact of freight movement, local authorities are engaging actively with logistic companies and local businesses in order to come up with strategies for goods delivery. This has led to a wide range of initiatives, including regulated delivery times, consolidation centres, improved load factors, parking bays for deliveries.



The activities of Polis and its members in the field of urban freight mainly take place through:

  • the urban freight working group (Polis Urban Freight WG)
  • participation and support for European projects

The Urban Freight Working Group

The Urban Freight Working Group was recently created at the request of Polis members. It held its first meeting at the end of 2015 and meets twice a year. The working group is currently chaired by Richard van der Wulp from the city of Rotterdam, currently president of Polis. The last meeting took place in Brussels on 22 May. The next meeting will take place in the autumn (the date remains to be defined).

Read more here.

European Projects

Polis has a centralizing role at European level for projects and activities related to urban freight, thanks to:

  • CIVITAS Thematic Group: since November 2016, as part of the CIVITAS SATTELITE project, Polis is coordinating the CIVITAS Thematic Group on Urban Freight and Logistics. This enables Polis to coordinate all activities in this field, taking place within the framework of the CIVITAS Initiative (urban mobility - financing of numerous projects). Join the group by clicking the blu banner 'Become a member' on the right-hand side on this page.

Polis and its members are currently involved in the following European projects:

  • FREVUEMembers involved: London, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Milan, Madrid (full partners), Pisa (follower)
  • NOVELOG. Members involved: Barcelona, Rome, Pisa, Göteborg
  • BuyZET. Members involved: Rotterdam, Bruxelles, Southampton (full partners), Jerusalem, Manchester (observers), Budapest (interest group).
  • CITYLAB. Members involved: Paris, Rome, London, Brussels, Rotterdam, Southampton (full partners), Budapest, Flanders, Madrid, Manchester, Pisa, Prague, Rogaland (transfer cities).