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Bristol (GB)

Bristol (GB)

Bristol is a city in south west England with a population of 400,000 (550,000 in the metropolitan area). Bristol has the highest level of car ownership of any city of comparable or greater size in the United Kingdom. The city’s long-term strategy is concerned with lessening the dependence on the car by developing and promoting alternatives, particularly through high quality public transport improvements, and complementary restraint measures.

Bristol city council’s transport policy is encapsulated in the Local Transport Plan (LTP), which is a multi-annual document setting out local councils' objectives for improving transport and detailing the ways in which this is to be achieved. Since 2005, Bristol has joined forces with four other neighbouring local authorities to produce a joint LTP: Bath & North East Somerset, Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire. The main challenges faced by the region, as set out in the most recent joint LTP (covering the period 2011-2026), include congestion (which by 2016 will cost £600m a year), slow vehicle speeds, poor air quality in many areas, and deprivation. The plan sets out how it would like to achieve its objectives of an affordable, low carbon, accessible, integrated, efficient and reliable transport network to achieve a more competitive economy and better connected, more active and healthy communities. Many of the 11 major schemes proposed in the plan concern public transport improvements.

Bristol is involved in EU project Cityhush