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London (GB)

London (GB)

London is represented in Polis through the London European Partnership for Transport (LEPT), which is a partnership to coordinate, disseminate and promote the sustainable transport and mobility agenda for London and London boroughs in Europe. One of LEPT’s main roles is to identify, bid for, and manage EU transport and mobility projects involving London boroughs which support their local priorities as well as fitting into the current Mayor’s Transport Strategy.

LEPT is currently involved in EU projects: PIMMS TRANSFER, EPOMM PLUS and COMMERCE.
Current London borough EU projects include: CARMA, SEGMENT, SMILES, TRAILBLAZER and EVUE.
TfL is currently involved in EU projects: ConduitsCVIS, Stadium, eSUM and Mediate.

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  • Management Committee: Yes
General Information
  • Land area: 1,572.1
  • Total population: 7,825,200
  • Population density: 4,978 inhabitants/km2
Road network length
  • Motorways: 60 km
  • Main roads: 1,719 km (urban+rural)
  • Secondary roads: 13,039 km (urban+rural)
  • Cycling network: 900 km
Traffic volume
  • Traffic volume: 161,300 vehicles/day
Public transport
  • Metro: 3 million journeys/week day
  • Tram: 74,000 journeys/day
  • Bus: 6 million journeys/week day
Modal split
  • Car: 39%
  • Public transport: 37%
  • Cycling: 2%
  • Walking: 20%
  • Other 1%